Song: If You Want Me
Artist: Once The Musical
Album: Once The Musical
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If You Want Me - Once US Tour Cast

July 2, 2014 matinee

Dani de Waal (Girl), Stuart Ward (Guy), Evan Harrington (Billy), Matt DeAngelis (Svec), John Steven Gardner (Eamon), Alex Nee (Andrej), Benjamin Magnuson (Bank Manager), Claire Wellin (Reza), Ryan Link (Emcee), Tina Stafford (Baruska), Raymond Bokhour (Da), Erica Swindell (Ex-Girlfriend), Kolette Tetlow (Ivanka)

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In honor of Norm Lewis’ first performance as the Phantom, here’s Hugh Panaro’s final performance as the Phantom, from May 3rd, 2014 at 8PM.

Download Here


The Phantom - Hugh Panaro

Christine - Mary Michael Patterson

Raoul - Jeremy Hays

Carlotta - Michele McConnell

Piangi - Christian Sebek

Andre - Laird Mackintosh

Firmin - Tim Jerome

Madame Giry - Ellen Harvey

Meg Giry - Deanna Doyle

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Song: Leave
Artist: Arthur Darvill
Album: Once (May 10, 2014, Evening)
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Leave, Arthur Darvill (May 10, 2014, Evening)

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Song: Cosette: Dans La Vie
Artist: Fabienne Guyon and Maurice Barrier
Album: Les Miserables Concept
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I think that the concept album is really nice. Cosette’s voice is so sweet.

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Song: Chipotle
Artist: Jeremy Jordan
Album: Jeremy Jordan @ Feinstein's at the Nikko
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So, to the tune of ‘Purpose,’ this is my, uh, spicier version, about a place that is very near and dear to my heart — and to my stomach.
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"Once" March 6th, 2014 Audio


Ben Hope - Standby “Guy”

Jessie Fisher - Standby “Girl”


Download here.

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a collection of overplayed pop song to effectively boost morale and inspire confidence within oneself (aka 4 when u sad) +listen


a collection of overplayed pop song to effectively boost morale and inspire confidence within oneself (aka 4 when u sad) +listen

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All I Ask of You - Anthony Downing and Claire Lyon
January 22, 2014, Shanghai

Thanks to medeazero (weibo)

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Song: Leave
Artist: David Hunter
Album: Once London - 17/02/2014
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Once (London - 17/02/2014)

David Hunter (u/s Guy)

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ONCE MUSICAL PRE-SHOW JAM; a playlist in which you can pretend you’re metres away from the cast of once on the checkered floor of the jacobs or the phoenix before the show or on a dusky street corner in dublin, irish and slovakian folk tunes pounding against your heartbeat. 

red haired mary- broadway cast, home boys home- broadway cast, slovakian folk song- broadway cast, fare thee well- london cast, rocky road to dublin- broadway cast, chandler’s wife- london cast, este si ja pohar vina zaplatim- original broadway cast, on raglan road- david patrick kelly, leave- steve kazee


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